Sunday, February 13, 2011

A New Week on 4-Body Slow Carb Diet

So Sunday not only starts a new calendar week, but also starts a new diet week for the hubs and I. So we did our weekly pilgrimage to Whole Foods and spent a crazy amount of money for one week of food. At least for us it is. I gather we could eat out every dinner for the same. That said, this is about health and not economy.

I picked the brain of the author of another blog that I read on the 4-hour body (this is the link to her blog bout whether to the second lunch/snack was an important part of the diet. I honestly have not been hungry for it. AND let me be clear here I am sick to death of BEANS. BEANS three times a day is hard enough, but four times a day??? But, missing the fourth meal could be why my weight loss numbers are lack-luster. This weeks goal is to eat the second lunch and to pick up the workouts. I am continuing with my kettlebell three days a week and am hoping to get my bootie up to do cardio before work.

BTW - tonights dinner was chicken cacciatore, with lentils, and cauliflower rice.


  1. hey thanks for mentioning me in your post... I'm sure you will do heaps better this week! Make sure you drink loads of water I'm trying to drink 4 ltrs a day and also try using ice packs on your neck 30mins a night - that may make a difference.

    btw that meal above look scrumptious!

  2. Good point! I am terrible about remembering to drink my water. : )