Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Work Confusion

So this post has nothing to do with diet or cupcakes ( other than for comfort eating). Mostly it's a forum to vent my frustrations and confusion about where I work. Recently one of our senior team members left, which is sad because he was awesome. Our upper management said that they were going to hire an entry level person. Instead they are hiring a senior level. What frustrates me is that they don't move from within. There are two us who are awesome employees and have stayed at this company during tough times. Why not give us this opportunity? I realize that this is how business works.... But it hurts because I realize I'm in a dead-end job. Basically yo move up at my company I have to leave and then come back? WTF? Now that i have vented I will try to move. Maybe god is telling me to pretty up my resume and get the he'll out of dodge.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

4-Hour Body Mostly Slow Carb Enchiladas

So the interesting slow carb recipe this week was slow carb enchiladas. I actually based this recipe on re one from the Primal Blueprint where they used crepes as tortillas. So I took this concept and made crepes. Let me just start by saying that this is supposed to be a simple process. Ha! After literally 10 attempts I got 4 crepes that were usable. I used chopped chicken breast mixed with canned enchilada sauce (I looked for the lowest carb one I could find) for the filling. I rolled those delicate little crepes up with the filling and topped with sauce, green onions, and cheese. Yes, I realize that the cheese breaks the "no dairy" policy. That is why I am considering this a "mostly" slow carb dish. It was actually really good! Will definitely make again. I served this with organic canned refried beans and topped with some more illegal shredded cheese. Yummo!
                                                       Mostly Slow Carb Enchiladas

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Back on the Horse

Now that I am back from business travel and vacation it is time to recommit to the 4-Hour body. Yes, I realize that many are able to successfully diet while on vacation. Unfortunately, I am not one of those gals. I am holding off on weighing in until Saturday which is my normal weigh in day. I'm hoping that this will put me right back in the swing of things...and speaking of swings...time to get back to my kettle bell swing. I totally thing it works. Considering the bare bones work outs that I have been doing, my body is remotely toned. Of course fake mystic tan spray helps with this as well.