Tuesday, May 31, 2011

And for Tonights Entertainment: Hip Hop Abs

Today has been a fairly good day. This morning we took our daughter for her teacher visit for preschool. If you take out the kicking, screaming, and rock throwing the visit went without a hitch. Hopefully tomorrow, her actual first day of preschool, will go smoother. And this is for both if us. Although I know this is a good step for her, I'm also sad that my offspring is growing up. One positive aspect of school will be the structure it provides. As my daughter has all the sins of her mother (strong-will, stubborn, etc) maybe they can teach her what I can't.

Another great thing is that we hot an offer on our house. I should have prefaced by saying after 82 very long days. For this who have never had the joy ( lots of sarcasm there)of selling a home let's just say this is an experience that would try the patience of saints. For one, keeping you house immaculate 25/7 sucks. Secondly having to corral the pets and then leave the house for two hours is almost inhumane. Especially with 3 back to back showings at two hours a piece, a toddler, and a cranky me. Not fun! But god willing and the creek don't rise this contract will hold.

And tonight I did hip hops. I have decided to try to be more consistent with my workouts which is why i ordered hip hop abs. Let me start by saying that the first workout was super fun. In terms of cardio benefit, i'd say this is moderate. However, i'm trying to stop being so perfectionistic about working out. Any exercise is progress I say.