Wednesday, February 16, 2011

4-Hour Body Staying Strong

For some reason this Wednesday has been easier than most. I even went out to dinner did OK. It was italian so no beans, but I did a shrimp salad. My hope is that this is a sign of things to come. That this diet will become automatic, and dare I say it, a lifestyle. Others who have been on the diet, let me know if this is true. On Sunday I was soooo over beans. As I am from Texas, that is saying a lot. We normally eat beans in quite frenquently. Here is where I do my imiatation of Bubba from the movie "Forest Gump...there is borracho beans, refried, cajun red beans (as in with ricce), black-eyed peas, black beans, .....and so on. And trust me we have tried them all...vegan, seasoned with salt pork or bacon, canned,  or made from dried. But today I seem to be accepting my fate and am trying to get my inner bean chef on. I'm thinking of taking out the crockpot and making some sort of bean soup over the weekend. Maybe that will rekindle my luv for the humble bean.

In terms of exercise, I am happy to report that I have gotten myself up and have worked in the morning. Yay me! Wishing all of my other 4-hour body slow carbers the best the rest of this week.

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