Friday, February 25, 2011

Moving Sucks!

My husband and I, being apparently crazy, have finally gotten serious about putting our house on the market. We bought a wonderful lot last year in Timberwood Park and have been dragging our feet about getting our current home on the market. The rule of common sense being that it is more financially prudent to sell our existing home before we start building a new home. Thus we have been working like fiends to get this house in shape while working full-time jobs and watching a 2 year old.

As fun as this has been, we finally decided to part with some of our hard earned money (thank you bonuses) and are paying experts to paint and do some repairs around the house. My super optimistic dream is that we can whip this house into such fab shape that it will sell within 2 weeks. We definitely are relying on prayers to help with this.

Obviously working on the house has made keeping up our diet difficult. I have mostly been good this week. That is until tonight. What can I say, I'm an emotional eater and apparently a working eater. Whatever, that means. The next two weeks will be challenging as well. Next week I go to Boston for business and the following week is our cruise vacation.

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