Saturday, February 5, 2011

4-Hour Body - First Cheat Day

So today was our first official weigh in and cheat day on the 4-hour body slow carb diet. I lost 2 lbs, but my body fat did not change at all. Overall I'm pretty happy with the results and of course I'm glad that it is cheat day! Yay us!

So for cheat day we got a late start which meant that we didn't get to "cheat" as much as we would have liked. After our normal slow carb breakfast we had a donut which wasn't quite as rewarding as I remembered it being. For our main meal we went cajun and I had wonderful seafood gumbo.

The best part of cheat day was the desserts which of course included cupcakes. I decided if I was going to have a cupcake it was going to be super fab so we went to "Kate's Frosting" and got an assortment of mini cupcakes. Hopefully these will hold me over until next Saturday's cheat day. I also made my world famous black bean fudge (no I'm not kidding). I swear it is really good! Google the recipe and give it a try. Anyways, it was a good day and ultimately we had fun.


  1. How are ya doing on the diet? Something that helps me is realizing that this isn't a diet, it's a life style change. I don't eat sugar, DAILY. I did. I don't snack after I eat dinner, except for ugh jello. And I am moving a lot more. I know if I go back to my old habits, I'll get my old body. I'm healthier, I'm fitting into my clothes, and my horses probably appreciate the extra 25 pounds they no longer have to carry.
    Check out Kim Harrison as an author. Start with Dead Witch Walking, and enjoy the series! It's great, fun reading! Deb

  2. You are probably right. I do need to view this as a life style and not a diet. Your weight loss is definitely inspirational to me and is helping stay the course. : ) BTW - thanks for the author recommendation...I have been looking for a new author on the kindle. : )