Saturday, February 12, 2011

2 Week Results and 2nd Cheat Day

So this week I lost another pound and am down to 139lbs. However, my body fat has only gone down 0.5%. WTF? That is really what motivated me to do this diet was to lose the body fat. I'm tired of seeing my arm chub wiggle when I wave. And lets not even get into my wide (birthing hips). Shizzle! I'm trying to stay positive. In the 4-Hour body book the author notes that if you are over 40 (I'm not but I physically feel like I am - does that count) and have had children (which I have) then it could take 4 weeks to see dramatic results. Ultimately, I'm going to keep working the program and keep up with my kettlebell exercise. Although, I think I'm going to include my cardio in an attempt to restart my daily exercise routine. See my tab titled 4-hour results for more detailed measurements.

Now on to the favorite part of the Saturday edition of my blog, cheat day and of course the food porn pics. So today we went to BJ's roadhouse and I had a bowl of clam chowder and a strawberry martini. For dinner cheese soup and a baked potato with butter/sour cream. And would for my late night snack - cupcakes! I know shocker, but it would it be Katy's cupcake obsession without them?

                                                                    Clam Chowder

                                                                      Strawberry Martini

                           Red Velvet Cupcake (with hand for scale - This is a BIG cupcake)

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