Sunday, August 28, 2011

Completed Week 2 of P90X

Vanity is a good motivator for me. That and shame of course. Because of these two factors I have actually dragged out the ole' P90X workout for a crash-get-in-shape extravaganza. My family is going on a cruise next week so I no that I had to do something drastic or be forever shamed by the super fit people that seem to cruise on the same ship as I.

So far I have mostly stuck with it with the exception of yoga X, my least favorite workout. I just can't stand working out for 1 hour and 45 minutes. I honestly don't know how others do it. So I skipped that this week. As this coming week is my last before the cruise I am pulling out all of the stops and will do the vegan diet low fat diet (Ornish diet), P90X, and Sassy water (flat belly diet). This is especially necessary considering the bargain $17 dress I bought on clearance from Dillards. This bad-boy shows every curve (and incidentally chub roll) and is not forgiving. I will definitely need the spanx and my super sonic crash diet workout plan. With any luck I will triumph.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Trying to Get Used to Being Unemployed

Now that I am no longer taking my summer college classes I am trying to get in the habit of being a stay at home mom/trophy wife. This has been really hard for me because I have essentially worked everyday of my life since I was 17 years old and now I'm not. Let me make this clear, it is not easier to stay at home. In some regards it is harder because I take my child to and from pre-school which is 45 minutes each way and it is still summer. I will find out next week how  much more trafficky it gets when school actually starts. In addition I am doing P90X. Essentially once I finish this and eat lunch it is almost time to pick up my kid.

My hope is that once I get in the hang up stuff I can come up with a more efficient schedule so that I am able to accomplish more. It seems like I got more done when I had a job. Probably because I knew that I had no margin for error and really kept a tight schedule. Hopefully this phase in my life will  come together and I am able to make it all work: housework, shopping, errands, exercise, and child transportation. Millions of moms do this so there is just some missing ingredient that I haven't figured out yet. But, I know I will triumph!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Had An Interview Where They Interviewed Two of Us

As I have mentioned, I am currently unemployed and have been looking for jobs and applying to schools. On Friday I had a job interview which was a bit unorthodox in my opinion. When I showed up and was waiting to be called the other person in the waiting room leaned over towards me and said, "Oh you must be the other girl I'm interviewing with?" My  expression must have told her that I had no idea what is Hades she was talking about because she then explained to me that she had been told this was an interview where they were interviewing two candidates at the same time. Is this normally done? I have never had this experience before and thought it was soooo not kosher. Beyond awkward. What really made me mad is that I had to move mountains to get to this interview, dressed up, filled out another application, and brought my brag book. Would it have been too hard to grant me the courtesy of giving me my own time slot? Moreover, why was this other chick informed about the dual interview while I was not? We will see if they consider me I tried to go with it but I definitely but the top of the salary listing as the lowest I would take so I'm assuming they will go for the less experienced but more flexible gal who isn't me. I want to be compensated for my work. OF course this is still the early stages. In a few months when I get desperate I may have much lower standards.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

What To Do With Too Much Shampoo....

Now that I am officially a trophy wife (unemployed) I have taken up couponing as my hobby. I'm not really sure if I am saving money or spending money on a stockpile that will last us for quite a bit. For instance, the most common deals I see are on deodorant, body wash, shampoo, and other personal care items. So I have faithfully clipping my coupons and matching them specials. The result is a stockpile (horde) of these items. It has come to the point that my husband is starting to nicely question whether or not I should buy him any more deodorant, body wash, or shampoo. Surely, a years supply is enough. And of course there is my own stock which includes various brands of shampoo, conditioners, razors, and shaving cream. I have enough shaving cream to last me over a year. And shampoo....I hope I end up like pantene because I have a shelf full which bring up my question...what do you with too much shampoo. To I wash my hair twice daily? But then that would jack with my color which I bought with a $2 off coupon. Or as my hubby suggest donate to charity? And what about the specials that inevitably keep coming up. Its hard to pass on 25 cent shaving cream or 50 cent Pantene but then again I really have more than I can use.