Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day4 - Tracy Anderson's 30 Day Method

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day 4 - Tracy Anderson's 30 Day Method 

Down 3 lbs already! So far this diet is working, however I am super hungry. I'm a little concerned that the weight-loss is too fast so I'm thinking of adding some calories to make it 1000. I'm crazy hungry and super tired all of the time. Not sure if I can totally blame the diet portion but around 800 calories seems to low for me.

Today I actually stuck to the program almost 100%, OK for like 80%. Yay me! I'm very proud of myself. For breakfast I had the grapefruit, lunch tofu vegetable soup, and for the dinner the shrimp salad.  I didn't have time to make my snack so I got an odawalla juice.

I did my outlawed jogging (week 5, day 1 of couch to 5K) and my mat work. One problem I'm noticing is that the mat work is getting super boring. I totally dread doing it. I will be glad when the mat work changes on Day 11.

Day 4 - Meals (With My  Variations)
Breakfast - Grapefruit
This is sooo not enough for breakfast. Can we stay starving!!! 

Lunch - Tofu Vegetable Soup
Yummy! Probably one of my favorite recipes so far. Moreover, it was relatively easy to make.
Tofu Vegetable Soup
Dinner - Shrimp Salad
<y husband was nice enough to make this for me tonight. It was OK. Nothing special. When I make this again will probably make some changes. I would have preferred plain lettuce over the snap peas.
Shrimp Salad


  1. Did you keep going after Day 4??

  2. I did! I made it to 1.5 weeks and actually lost weight. Then I got sick. I'm 100% sure this had nothing to do with the diet because I'm allergic to everything and get some sort of sinus something this time every year. I am hoping to get motivated and start again! I have a cruise coming up and I want to wow people with my Tracy Anderson body. : )