Thursday, November 22, 2012

Wanted: Diet and Exercise Motivation

If you look through the few posts I have published over the last few years, you might note that I have obsessed with trying new diets. Although all of my diets start out well enough (I do lose some weight), I ultimately end up quitting before I get anywhere near my goal weight. Although I have the desire to lose some extra pudge and tone up, I just don't seem to care enough to stick with it.

The key to solving this problem is probably figuring out why. After talking to my husband (and everyone who will listen to me blab about it) I think the main reason is that I tend to pick very restrictive diets and insane exercise programs. Hello - Tracey Anderson 30 Day Method (tried and failed), 4 hour body (crashed and burned), P90X (I made it to 60 days and lost 0 lbs), and many more. I will say that all the diets and fitness plans I tried did work, however not for me. They were all not sustainable. For P90X it was hard for me to work our for the required amount of time per day. Additionally, I got really bored with it. With the Tracey Anderson system I lost weight super fast, but when I calculated out the calories content for her meals I discovered that I was eating around 750 calories per day. For me, that is too close to starving to be safe

Since the end of the year is coming I am now getting motivated to try something else. Looking over my past attempts (and failures) I will probably try to pick something less restrictive and more realistic for my schedule and lifestyle. The most weight loss success I have had has been with weight watchers. The catch is with the Winning Points System (circa 2000 ish). Weight Watchers has since replaced this system with Points Plus. I have tried this system and it didn't work for me. I mean I went to the meetings, tracked, and measured my food and basically lost and gained the same five lbs for three months. Some people at my meetings reported having success with the new Points Plus program, however about half of us did not.

I am hoping that Weight Watchers will announce that they are going to launch a new plan (I haven't heard this, but a girl can dream). Let's see if it happens, if not I may just start working out again and can be a toned chubby girl.

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