Monday, November 28, 2011

Day 2 - Tracy Anderson's 30 Day Method

Monday, November 28, 2011
Day 2 - Tracy Anderson's 30 Day Method 

I weighted myself this morning and I am now 146.6. Down 0.2 lbs. Hey, I will take it. Today has been rough in terms of the eating plan mostly due to the error of my own ways. Basically my diet was low in calories and fat but totally not Tracy approved. I woke up late and didn't have time to make my breakfast as I had to drop off my daughter to preschool. So I improvised and had one of my Siggi's yogurts. I realize Tracy wants you to eat the Kefir yogurt, but to me it is yucky. For lunch I met a friend at the uber fab Freebirds which is a local burrito place. I was really good and had a salad with 4 oz chicken, a few black beans, and tomatillo sauce. It was really good, but the temptation was really hard. My snack was a banana and dinner was a lean cuisine. We were actually going to make the turkey burgers tonight but we had a mishap with the food processor. Tomorrow I am striving to plan my day better so that I can eat my correct Tracy meals!

My exercise was actually as written! Yay me! I'm finally following one rule for the day. I did my 20 reps of the sequence one muscle design moves. I also did the dance cardio for 20 minutes with the jumping part included. One frustrating thing I discovered is that each cardio segment is only 10 minutes. So to get the 40 or 60 minutes you are supposed to build up to you have to watch the two cardio segments twice. Hmmmm! Not loving this part so much. Also the black and white DVD really bothers me. During the dance part there are times when the screen suddenly splits into two parts and shows you a move totally not related to the previous move. I'm just doing the best I can. I think I need to order another of her videos as I can see how this will get old quick.

Lessons from Today:  Plan my meals better! Moreover, I need to have some pre-made Tracy food in my fridge or freezer. Tomorrow I have to meet my sister and mother out for lunch. I think the smartest thing to do is to flip-flop my lunch and breakfast. So for breakfast I will have the minestrone soup and for lunch I will have egg whites with veggies. I will tell them little oil and hopefully get the calories down as much as possible. This exercise and diet regimen requires strict planning which is funny because I thought I had already adequately planned. Ha!

Day 2 - Meals (My Totally Non-Tracy Day Variations)
Breakfast - Siggi's Yogurt Pomegranate & Passion Fruit

My improvised non-Tracy breakfast. But it is fat-free and only 100 calories. Plus it has agave nectar as opposed to cane sugar.
Siggi's Yogurt Pomegranate & Passion Fruit
Lunch - Salad with Chicken, Beans, and Tomatillo Sauce from Freebirds

I think this was a smart choice considering the other options that they had.
Freebird's Chicken Breast Salad 
Snack - Banana

This was something I had in the house. The picture shows a bunch but I only ate one. (Or did I??)
Dinner - Lean Cuisine Cheese French Bread Pizza

This was not a good choice at all! I will readily admit this. However after our debacle with the turkey burgers I had to look for something in the freezer. This seemed the best option of what we had on hand which is mostly kid food.
Lean Cuisine Cheese French Bread Pizza

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