Monday, November 14, 2011

Tracy Anderson' 30 Day Method Day 1

I completed day one of the Tracy Anderson method. Well, mostly. I completed the diet with no cheating (which is amazing in itself) and the muscle design sequences. The only variation I did was I jogged as opposed to do her dance sequence cardio. This is forbidden as Tracy says in her book "it's my way or the highway". She says that you must not jog and most only do her cardio during the 30 day boot camp period because jogging can result in bulking. I debated along time about whether to only do her cardio, but I had spent the previous weeks doing the couch to 5K program. Basically I am afraid that if I totally stopped I would lose all of the progress I have made. My compromise is to jog (using couch to 5K) three days a week and using her cardio dance program the remaining days.

The other main change I have made this week in the program is to change around the order of the menu. Tracy forbids making any changes in the food options day to day. However, it seemed wasteful as the recipes often make two portions and the repeat day isn't until several weeks later. As such, I am strictly keeping with the whole menu for a certain day but am changing around the daily menus as I see fit. For example, I am repeating the same daily menus twice this week to save on cooking and food prep time. So Monday and Wednesday I am having the same foods. Likewise for Tuesday and Thursday.

So far this biggest challenge has been hunger. I am STARVING!!!! This morning I had strawberry mint salad which was easy to prepare (thank God!). This was pretty good but not filling enough for me. For lunch it was tomato minestrone soup. This was pretty good tasting, but not the 8 oz serving just wasnt enough. I had choco chestnut pudding for snack and poached cod with asparagus for dinner. The choco chestnut pudding was soooo good despite me not putting any chestnuts in it. At my local store chestnuts are seasonal and won't be in until for a few weeks. The fish was what you would expect with out any added fat.

Today's Menu:

                                                    Breakfast: Strawberry Mint Salad

                                                        Lunch:  Tomato Minestrone Soup

                            Snack: Choco Chestnut Pudding (without chestnuts b/c couldn't find em)

                                              Dinner: Poached Cod and Roasted Asparagus

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