Sunday, August 28, 2011

Completed Week 2 of P90X

Vanity is a good motivator for me. That and shame of course. Because of these two factors I have actually dragged out the ole' P90X workout for a crash-get-in-shape extravaganza. My family is going on a cruise next week so I no that I had to do something drastic or be forever shamed by the super fit people that seem to cruise on the same ship as I.

So far I have mostly stuck with it with the exception of yoga X, my least favorite workout. I just can't stand working out for 1 hour and 45 minutes. I honestly don't know how others do it. So I skipped that this week. As this coming week is my last before the cruise I am pulling out all of the stops and will do the vegan diet low fat diet (Ornish diet), P90X, and Sassy water (flat belly diet). This is especially necessary considering the bargain $17 dress I bought on clearance from Dillards. This bad-boy shows every curve (and incidentally chub roll) and is not forgiving. I will definitely need the spanx and my super sonic crash diet workout plan. With any luck I will triumph.

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