Thursday, October 6, 2011

Big Furniture in a Little Room

Although we have been in our apartment for 3 (count 'em) months I have only now become motivated to make this tiny space more homey. First step is rearranging our living/dining room combo. When we saw the model it looked so spacious. Considering we had put the majority of the stuff from our 2856 square foot house in storage we could makes this work!

Ha! My husband and I apparently have no concept of scale because our monster couch is currently taking up 2/3 of the dining room/ living area. To get this monster into our apartment the movers had to hoist up over the balcony. The smallest of our two tables ( which seats 6) is Against one wall.

The plan is to swap the furniture into the two areas. Let's keep our fingers crossed that this works because not tripping over the coach will definitely go along way to making the next six months more bearable.

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