Sunday, August 7, 2011

What To Do With Too Much Shampoo....

Now that I am officially a trophy wife (unemployed) I have taken up couponing as my hobby. I'm not really sure if I am saving money or spending money on a stockpile that will last us for quite a bit. For instance, the most common deals I see are on deodorant, body wash, shampoo, and other personal care items. So I have faithfully clipping my coupons and matching them specials. The result is a stockpile (horde) of these items. It has come to the point that my husband is starting to nicely question whether or not I should buy him any more deodorant, body wash, or shampoo. Surely, a years supply is enough. And of course there is my own stock which includes various brands of shampoo, conditioners, razors, and shaving cream. I have enough shaving cream to last me over a year. And shampoo....I hope I end up like pantene because I have a shelf full which bring up my question...what do you with too much shampoo. To I wash my hair twice daily? But then that would jack with my color which I bought with a $2 off coupon. Or as my hubby suggest donate to charity? And what about the specials that inevitably keep coming up. Its hard to pass on 25 cent shaving cream or 50 cent Pantene but then again I really have more than I can use.

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