Sunday, June 19, 2011

I'm Sooo Realities Bitch!

Being unemployed has its own challenges. I'm trying to be positive here. In terms of timing it really sucked. And yes I know that there isn't ever a wonderful time to get fired, I'm mean laid off. (I put this in because everyone tells me it is sooo much better to have been laid off than fired. Ummm not to my ego. I do get unemployment a wopping $415 a week with a max of $10K. and of course I can tell everyone I interview with that I wasn't fired, I was downsized, but I digress). We had literally just sold our house and had passed the opt out period. Originally we were going to sell our house, rent an apartment, and build our dream house. We are still proceeding with the plan. However, much more frugally. And apartment searching in San Antonio Texas is sooo not fun. First off every single apartment complex we have looked at are 99% occupied. For the kids at home this means that if you don't sign while you are there and come back a few hours later the one apartment in the worst location in the whole entire complex is gone. And no I'm not exaggerating. Trust me, I wish I was. Add to this the 106 degree Texas heat, again no malarkey here, and a 2 1/2 year old who is hot, tired, and constantly hungry. Not to mention long waits to even get to see the model. Basically we still don't have an apartment and a closing date of July 14th (we think). WTF? I'm trying to think that everything will work out and they by Christmas we will so be laughing at all of our "adventures" (read tantrums, crying, fights, panic attacks, and bad language (from me of course)). Let's hope it does. We went to church today to get some inspiration that God takes care of us. Right now I really need to believe this because I feel like my world is coming apart at the seems.

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