Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Good Ole' Coupon Clippin' Katy

Now that I am unemployed I have decided to try out the whole coupon thing. I have always refered to myself as coupon clippin' Katy because I am known to love a deal. And yet, I'm also known for having very expensive taste in handbags. "They" say frivelous. I say fashion investment. Let's just say I have had the same Louis Vuitton for 4.5 years (and probably will for quite a while). But I digress as this has nothing to do with coupons! OK back on subject. So in an effort to save money I have decided to try the whole coupon thing.

Now for the kids at home, it is not possible to get the values and savings seen on A&E's Extreme Coupons. We have essentially one major grocery store chain, HEB, and Super Walmart and Super Target. HEB does not have member cards and do not double or triple coupon values. So my dreams of getting $500 of groceries for $50 is unattainable. So what I have decided to do is try to stick to shopping list and use coupons when I can.

Today I ventured into CVS and used their Extra Care card. I also got some Extra Care bucks. Still unsure if results in true savings because the Extra Care bucks pretty much ensures that you will come back into CVS. Still undecided.

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